Monthly Archives: gegužės 2013

Contemporary music which i almost like and stuff. Why English you might ask if you haven’t already closed the tab, well cause it’s europe and Europe has a lot of potential in learning English. North already does that very well and us baltic states are not far back either, so there’s only the hot one’s that are left behind, all those worthless jobless dysfunctional southern economies where people are living in houses build before industrial revolution holding their family tradition by baking bread and not doing anything new of efficient or having any worth in modern plate of daily consumptionizm prism. To think of it, we have a Professor who claps on the table thinking it’s pure art mistaking his thoughts for 20something hipsterish fellow with a nice face and some collaborative ideas, why don’t you understand oh beardy one, why do you think you are still relevant, and why do you ever stop clapping that table, don’t please don’t touch it and the release let the hands bounce back willingly only to get pushed on that hard wooden surface once more. And I like this band.